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vita contemplativa

A philosophy professor at Grinnell College, teaching courses in Early Modern Philosophy and the History and Philosophy of Science. Research on Spinoza (Spinoza’s Radical Cartesian Mind, Continuum 2007) and early modern natural philosophy (Cartesian Empiricisms, Springer 2013). Current research: How Spinoza’s philosophy can instruct and improve attempts to develop an effective children’s mental health system.

More information on research and teaching is available here.

vita activa

A mother and an advocate for children’s mental health, currently serving on the Iowa Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council and Iowa Children’s Mental Health and Well-Being Advisory Committee, and a volunteer for NAMI Iowa. Previously chaired the NAMI Iowa Children’s Mental Health Committee (2014-2017); co-chaired the Coalition that produced the 2015 Statewide Call for Action: A Strategic Plan for a Children’s Mental Health Redesign in Iowa; and served on the 2015 and 2016 Iowa Children’s Mental health & Well-being Workgroups.

More information on advocacy and public speaking is available here.


Mothers on the Frontline

Mothers of children with mental illness are on the frontline of many of our societies most intractable issues. Moms on the Frontline seeks to use the powerful voices, lived experiences and perspectives of mothers to empower families to:

  • Provide insight into the intersections of mental health and other parts of a child’s and family’s life not visible to professionals, politicians and the public;
  • Help break down the current fragmentation and lack of services preventing children and families with mental health needs from getting help;
  • Reduce the stigmas and lack of information that often prevent parents from seeking help for their children in the first place.